Reasons to consider ESET MSP

MSP is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional licencing model. This model allows you to use ESETs powerful MSP Administrator web-console. You can use this to manage multiple customers from your office, while taking advantage of tiered pricing, daily billing and monthly invoicing.

Take advantage of volume pricing

Increased profits thanks to our tier-based pricing based on aggregation of all the clients you cover. The more licenses you sell the better unit price you receive on every single one of your clients licences.

Daily billing, monthly invoicing

Each month, we only invoice you for the exact number of seats per day used. You pay only for licenses your customers actually utilize - without any upfront investment.

Stay on top with detailed reporting

Always have a clear overview of the number of licenses you use for every single site, as well as aggregated totals - to aim for a higher tier.

Get new customers on board fast

Offer your potential customers the opportunity to try ESET business products for up to 30 days free of charge - free to you as well as to them.

Stay independent

Manage your licenses through the ESET MSP Administrator web-interface. Add or remove seats or make other changes instantly, without having to contact ESET.

Proven & Trusted

Holding the world record for the most consecutive VB100 Awards. ESET is trusted by businesses of all sizes from small to enterprise.

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