MSP is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional licencing model. This model allows you to use ESET's powerful MSP Administrator web console. You can use this to manage multiple customers and slash customer set-up time to a minimum.

See everything in a single view

Manage all your ESET licenses from ESET MSP Administrator, our web-based licensing console, tailor-made for MSPs.

Daily billing, monthly invoicing

Each month, we only invoice you for the exact provisioned seat count. Tier based pricing means the more licenses you have, the better unit price you will receive.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Want to drill down from a high-level view to a seat-level view? ESET MSP Administrator gives you the option to ‘get granular’.

Trials available

Offer your potential customers the opportunity to try ESET business products for up to 30 days free of charge - free to you as well as to them.

Add & remove licenses at a click

Activate, disable or even terminate licenses immediately, without the need to wait for approval. This flexibility applies to all ESET products.

Keep control of your licenses

Within ESET MSP Administrator, you can order a license at the customer level and assign it to an administrator who activates and manages licenses for that particular customer.

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