BackupAssist's Core Purpose

Since 2002, BackupAssist have been helping organisations worldwide to properly backup and protect their Windows Servers and data.

Having the right backup has never been more important. The cyber threats and risks have changed substantially. A decade ago, user error, a hard drive crash, natural disaster or computer theft were the major causes of data loss. Today, it’s ransomware and hacking that hits the news headlines.

BackupAssist delivers outstanding protection against these evolving risks.

Who uses BackupAssist?

BackupAssist specialise in only business-grade backup and data protection software for Microsoft Windows Server environments and Office 365.

BackupAssist's software has been adopted by every market sector – from aviation to hotels, healthcare to engineering, education to manufacturing, and every type of consulting. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) also love their software because of its versatility – it can be customised to protect a diverse range of clients. If you run mission critical Windows Servers, and are looking for the right backup software, then BackupAssist can help you become cyber-resilient.

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