How it all started

NordVPN was born in 2012 when four childhood friends came together to build technology that could liberate the internet. Spending a lot of time in different parts of the world they saw internet censorship, content control and intrusive government surveillance growing faster than ever before. The feeling that the internet was losing its main purpose led to a search of possible solutions on how to overcome all the restrictions.

After setting up the first VPN server and sharing the prototype among their friends, the creators started receiving extremely positive feedback and were encouraged to continue their work.

Why Microbe partnered with NordVPN

NordVPN is a recognised online security solution, used by over 12 million internet users worldwide. It is one of the most trusted privacy and security service providers in the world.

NordVPN is the kind of solution we have been looking for to enhance our current product range. Some of the amazing features NordVPN provides:

  • Cutting-edge technologies to shield internet activity from hackers and malware
  • Protection on public Wi-Fi networks and even blocking of annoying ads
  • Full privacy to ensure no one can see which websites you visit or files you download
  • Access to your favourite websites and entertainment content
  • Choose from over 5900 servers in 59 countries
  • One license can secure up to 6 devices at the same time

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