Ransomware could be considered the biggest cyber security threat of the past few years. It has caused many headaches for both businesses and home users.

We want to make you aware of an organisation supported by both ESET and Kaspersky, along with other industry leaders. The organisation is called No More Ransom and it can add significant value to your clients.

No More Ransom helps to prevent and fight against ransomware. It does this in two main ways. Firstly, No More Ransom provides resources detailing the best practices to prevent ransomware.

Secondly, No More Ransom has a searchable database of ransomware removal tools. All these tools are available free of charge and decrypt the device without paying the ransom! This allows you to decrypt ransomed files, without paying the ransom. This is particularly useful for clients who didn't follow the best practices for preventing ransomware, such as regular backups. Yet, it is important to note that not all ransomware is able to be decrypted with the tools available.

No More Ransom Logo

We encourage you to visit No More Ransom to familiarise yourself with best practices for preventing ransomware. We also recommend you bookmark https://www.nomoreransom.org for when a client needs help with a ransomware attack.

By Nathan at 17 Jan 2019, 12:30 PM