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In the spirit of the World Cup, the team at ESET have put together a Dream Team. This is an all-star line-up that can go to go head-to-head with any malware.

Eset Dream Team Fifa World Cup 2018

The Dream Team

Review the lineup and let us know what you think.

  1. Firewall – a colossus at the back for the team that prevents any attempts to score past it.
  2. Exploit blocker – the sweeper or the last man back, an excellent blocker that would never let attacks that try to take advantage of the teams vulnerabilities get past.
  3. HIPS – a left back that would rather stay behind while the team goes for the win in order to prevent any type of intrusion while leaving the rival in an offside position.
  4. Updates – the box-to-box player, a very important position that needs to be covered at all times. Not only helping in the attack phase but also working with midfielders and defenders to prevent developing any risk.
  5. Botnet Protection – this player is in charge of protecting all the midfield connection, ensuring possession of the ball and preventing rivals from taking control of the situation. An expert at breaking the game circuits planned by the rival coach.
  6. Ransomware Shield – number 2’s essential partner; its defensive experience allow him to follow the opposing forward up close and block him completely. Great at reading the game and neutralising the wisest moves of its rival.
  7. Encryption – This winger and his unexpected moves make him a challenge for the opposing defence, allowing him to keep possession of the ball and assist the number 9 at the other end of the field.
  8. DLP – a highly important midfielder for the team due to his responsibility to both defend and attack, while paying attention that no counterattack from the other team passes through. He is the perfect partner to 5 and is constantly conscious of the team not losing the ball.
  9. Antivirus – the striker on the team, the one that detects the best opportunities to score and is both accurate and lethal inside the box.
  10. Two Factor Authentication – this player controls the all the connections among players and ensures that the final pass is well executed and not intercepted by a rival.
  11. Awareness – playing just behind the striker, this player supplies many assists, but he can also win a few matches by himself, such as the one against phishing.

By Amy at 27 Jun 2018, 09:00 AM