No More Ransom!

Ransomware could be considered the biggest cyber security threat of the past few years. It has caused many headaches for both businesses and home users. This organisation could majorly help you deal with it.
By Nathan at 17 Jan 2019

Ransomware – what is it?

A type of malware, designed for extortion. When ransomware is activated it stops access to a device or the data on it until the victim pays a ransom. A common feature of ransomware is a countdown timer for a payment deadline...
By Amy at 14 Aug 2017

Don’t Get Hacked. Get ESET Antivirus.

Resellers will noticed an increased presence of ESET advertising. ESET have recently launched an advertising campaign that will run until the end of the year...
By Amy at 8 Aug 2017

New Ransomware Outbreak

On the 27th June, there was a cyber-attack originating in Russia and Ukraine, the outbreak of ransomware quickly swept the globe. Soon organisations in Poland, Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Australia and the USA were reporting attacks.
By Nathan at 3 Jul 2017
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