20 Year Anniversary of Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab has been in business 20 years!
By Amy at 28 Jul 2017

Key Findings of 2017 Data Threat Report

Thales recently released their 2017 Data threat report. Several key findings of the report will be of interest to Microbe resellers, IT managers and cyber security experts.
By Amy at 27 Jul 2017

How to make a strong password

Often your Password is the first line of defence in protecting personal and financial information. It's important to have a strong, yet easy to remember password.
By Amy at 6 Jul 2017

New Ransomware Outbreak

On the 27th June, there was a cyber-attack originating in Russia and Ukraine, the outbreak of ransomware quickly swept the globe. Soon organisations in Poland, Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Australia and the USA were reporting attacks.
By Nathan at 3 Jul 2017