Safetica: Data Loss Prevention

Safetica is now available from Microbe. Safetica is a data loss prevention solution (DLP) and a member of the ESET Technology Alliance. Safetica will protect you and your customers – particularly once the mandatory data breach notification legislation is enforced in 2018.
By Amy at 24 Nov 2017

Stronger Password Policies

Passwords ensure only approved users can access a computer, files or a network. However, weak passwords have the potential to allow hackers to enter through the front door, so to speak. In order to ensure strong passwords are used across a network, it is recommended that network administrators set password policies and train staff on the importance of creating a strong password.
By Amy at 2 Nov 2017

ESET Partners With Google to Fight Malware

ESET has partnered with Google to create a safer browsing experience for Google Chrome users, free from the interruptions of malicious software. On 16th October 2017 Google launched Chrome Cleanup...
By Amy at 18 Oct 2017

Mandatory Data Breach Notification

After a long wait, Australia will soon have a mandatory data breach notification scheme in place. Despite the long lead up to this legislation, many businesses are unaware of it, when it comes in place, or if it applies to their business.
By Amy at 16 Oct 2017

Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

ACORN is a national policing initiative designed to fight online crime...
By Amy at 8 Sep 2017